23 May 2013

IEA praises Finland's way to sustainable energy

The International Energy Agency praised Finland for its commitment to a sustainable energy future in a review launched today. The IEA recommended energy efficiency improvements in the transport sector and developing a regional gas market. Finland should also actively contribute to finding a mutually acceptable solution at an EU level regarding the discussion on sustainability criteria for biomass and the development of a robust certification scheme.

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15 May 2013

Cleantech - a key driver for Finnish economy

Cleantech was one of Finland's fastest-growing business sectors in 2012 - a year of economic downturn. Combined turnover for cleantech companies was EUR24.6 billion and annual growth 15 percent, shows a survey by Cleantech Finland. The companies expect strong growth also in 2013. The majority of cleantech companies get more than half of their turnover from abroad. In 2012, key export markets were Germany, China, Sweden, France and Russia.

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12 April 2013

Energy turn-around underway in Finnish households

A clear change is taking place in the energy consumption of Finnish households, according to a research program of Academy of Finland. The increasing trend in energy consumption has now levelled out, and for the first time, the amount of energy produced by renewable energy sources and nuclear power has overtaken the use of fossil fuels. The turn-around is a result of decisions on the national level as well as the independent initiation of the use of new energy technologies.

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16 October 2012

Comprehensive approach to improve energy efficiency

A research program that does not focus on individual technologies or solutions but rather on the whole system, such as optimal solutions for improving energy efficiency in an entire industrial plant has started in Finland. The program aims to provide methods, tools and technologies to enable step-wise increase in energy efficiency beyond what can be achieved by constant improvement and application of Best Available Techniques (BAT).

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31 March 2012

New showcase for climate-friendly action

A new online service to collect and distribute information on climate-friendly action to reduce costs and emissions has been launched in Finland. The service, opened by the Finnish Environment Institute, provides citizens, businesses, organizations and experts with a channel for sharing and acquiring information on a variety of climate-related topics, including the energy efficiency of buildings and renewable energy solutions.

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