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24 December 2011

Climate big picture - no reason not to act

Credit: NOAA
Credit: NOAA
When discussing climate science and looking at individual pieces of evidence and common myths, it's easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. To respond to this challenge Skeptical Science - getting skeptical about global warming skepticism - has updated its Big Picture page.

The big picture is that we know the planet is warming, humans are causing it, there is a substantial risk to continuing on our current path, but we don't know exactly how large the risk is.

However, uncertainty regarding the magnitude of the risk is not an excuse to ignore it, says the article posted by dana1981.

"We also know that if we continue on a business-as-usual path, the risk of catastrophic consequences is very high. In fact, the larger the uncertainty, the greater the potential for the exceptionally high risk scenario to become reality."

"We need to continue to decrease the uncertainty, but it's also critical to acknowledge what we know and what questions have been resolved, and that taking no action is not an option."

The good news is that we know how to solve the problem, and that doing so will minimize the impact not only on the climate, but also on the economy.

The bottom line is that from every perspective - scientific, risk management, economic, etc. - there is no reason not to immediately take serious action to mitigate climate change, and failing to do so would be exceptionally foolish.

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