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Archived news July 2010

29.07.2010 Smart purchasing to save costs, drive eco-innovation

28.07.2010 US biomass-based power generation to grow strongly

27.07.2010 Advanced climate actions could boost U.S. economy

26.07.2010 India to generate 1,000 megawatts solar power by 2013

25.07.2010 EU funding for more than 200 environmental projects

23.07.2010 U.S. and Russia deepen collaboration on sustainable energy

22.07.2010 Finnish-Russian presidential talks urge cooperation on Baltic Sea

22.07.2010 UN climate chief: Governments must capture the powerful winds of change

21.07.2010 Top economies accelerate transition to clean energy

21.07.2010 European companies support higher climate targets

20.07.2010 President Obama sets plan for oceans, Great Lakes

19.07.2010 New renewable capacity tops fossil fuels again in US, Europe

15.07.2010 EU ministers toughen stance on emissions

15.07.2010 U.S. accelerates cutting-edge energy research

14.07.2010 EU: Necessity of using materials in a sustainable way

13.07.2010 Biodiversity is climbing the corporate agenda

12.07.2010 India to push climate talks for sharing technologies

12.07.2010 Creating new tools for environmental monitoring

10.07.2010 Renewables play major role in Europe's new electricity capacity

10.07.2010 Independent review clears climate scientists of dishonesty

09.07.2010 Telecom networks getting greener

08.07.2010 China advances in sustainable energy

07.07.2010 Bio-waste directive to improve EU's resource efficiency

07.07.2010 EU sets stricter rules on industrial emissions

06.07.2010 China to host extra climate talks before Cancun

05.07.2010 U.S. President commits nearly two billion to solar companies

05.07.2010 IEA sees early signs of an energy technology revolution

04.07.2010 Solar houses produce three times the energy they use

03.07.2010 Europe's ice mission exceeds expectations

02.07.2010 Europe gets first glimpse of solar and wind farm plans

01.07.2010 Africa says climate financing critical for success in Cancun

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